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About Us

A Little about us . . .

Bailey's Arms Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit  lead by two directors; Sandra McGuckin and Donna Quick, and fueled by an amazing family of fosters and volunteers.  People like you.  People who feel these dogs deserve a better fate than death and are willing to help make a difference.

Our mission is to save the neglected, abused, displaced and disposed dogs of the Mid South.  It is to rescue those helpless and forgiving dogs who have been dealt an unfair hand by uncaring people.  Dogs that are sentenced to death, solely for the crime of not having the love of a human. We refuse to turn our back on the epidemic that plagues the Mid South (and so much of this nation).  We will stand up, speak out, and do whatever is necessary to give these dogs the chance they deserve, a chance that was never given to them.  A chance at life, love, a happy tail and happy tale!

We work hard everyday to save as many dogs as possible.  As many as we have foster homes for.  We sometimes save even more than space allows, and that unfortunately results in having to place some of our saved rescues straight into boarding.  From one cage to another. Yes, their life has been spared, but they haven't gotten the chance to begin living.  Furthermore this drains precious resources, of which we have far too little, paying daily boarding fees to the kennels that keep them.

We are often overwhelmed with calls and emails from shelters and volunteers pleading with us to pull abandoned, displaced, neglected, abused and disposed of dogs.  We want to be able to say YES as often as they call but without more foster homes and volunteers it becomes difficult. We previously required that foster homes be in the Mid-south (Mississippi and Tennessee ) areas, but now have openly accepted fosters out of state to enable us to save more.  

Fostering a dog means providing the dog a place to stay, food, and love until a furrever home (adopter) is located and approved to adopt them.  Fostering can last only a week or as long as several months, depending on the situation.  Foster's allow us an opportunity to save another dog.  As soon as one of our dog's have a foster to go to, we save another.  Please consider fostering for us!  You will be saving lives!     

Donations - We also greatly appreciate ANY donations.  Money, crates, food, blankets, medications ( flea & Tick as well as Heart worm prevention) If you would like to donate items for our rescue PLEASE call us at 610.564.0916 or 901.496.1962 or email us at

Monetary donations can be made via paypal using our username  - 

We are based out of the Memphis, TN  and Horn Lake, MS and Hatfield, PA areas however we are equipped to transport our sweet dogs to you no matter where you are! 

Have some questions?  You can reach us via email at  or phone Sandra 610.564.0916 or Donna 901.496.1962 We also love texting, texting will get the fastest response! 

thank you - and God Bless those that protect his animals 

is a 501c3 non profit corporation
As such, BAILEY’S ARMS RESCUE shall at no time engage in any enterprise, business, or transaction for the purpose of making or securing a profit to its directors or officers.  No part of the earnings of this Corporation shall inure to the benefit of any individual.

BAILEY’S ARMS RESCUE was formed for the following purposes:
1.  To rescue displaced, disposed, neglected, and abused dogs of the Mid South and provide veterinary care, vaccinate, rehabilitate, spay/neuter and adopt to homes in the North Eastern states by full and thorough application and adoption process;
2.  Give voice to these loving, forgiving companion animals and provide them the opportunity to be loved as they deserve.